Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Color Drawers

Today I am going to talk a little about organizing my embellishments. Have you ever lost some of you embellishments? You know you bought that certain item but have no idea where you put it. You spend hours looking only to be disappointed and not find it. Then a month down the road it turns up in the spot you left it so you would not forget about it. That was me! Scrapbooking took so much time just looking for just the right brad or flower. So I was on the search for a better system. Then I came across the color drawers that Stacy Julien from Simple Scrapbooks used.
I just knew I had to do it.
So, I went to Target and bought these drawer cabinets. They are made by Sterilite. They are a great size as they will hold 12 x 12 paper too!

I have each one labelled with my for red, one for pink, one for blue and so on. Then I sorted my colors of embellishments into these drawers. So now, if I am working on a page for my granddaughter and need pink embellishments and flowers I go to my pink drawer and everything is in there. I have saved myself so much time by having color drawers. It is the best system ever! I have had this in place for over a year now and have not regretted it once ever.
If you have any questions about this, please let me know. I would be happy to explain it further to you.
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  1. Laurie, thanks so much for the heads up about these Sterlite drawers. I'm going to look for them at Target! The more organized I am, the more fun scrapbooking is with less wasted time hunting for something. I'm wondering if these interlock with each other--how many can stack together? Blessings!

  2. I never thought about stacking these drawers! Thanks.

  3. Laurie,
    First let me say that your sunset photo on your blog is stunning!
    Secondly, I LOVE Stacy Julian,I am fortunate to have taken 2 classes from her in person back in 2006. CKU provo was amazing and she is such an amazing and motivating person in real life. I came away form her classes with an entirely different attitude. She re-affirmed everything I've thought about the way I scrap
    NON-CHRONOLOGICLY , I just can't do it never have. She is exactly as she appears in LOM, and I should just jump in and beleive her re: color drawers. I am also a LOM alumni and have gone through the class twice so far, will be following along again this next session if all goes well. As you know LOM is NEVER completed always a work in progress.
    Now that I've gushed on & on about my scrap hero I have a question for you.....
    My questin for you is regarding your color drawers: I have made a lame attempt at this , I know in my head it will work because that is how I scrap, usually by color, so in theory it will work. BUT, as I started my feeble attempt I got hung up on packaging. Until last year I have left tons of my stiuff in the original packaging.Now we have the clip it up, now I think I should have left stuff in the packages! Do you take things in packages(with muti colors) and break them all down??? I also have an entire basement as my playroom so have tons of storage available to me. Do your color drawers include things such as rub-ons, stickers(really never use)chipboard etc?
    I currently have a combination of organization systems going on, because I get going on one system and then decide to try something else. I think I spend more time re-arranging than scrapping. Honestly, I find myself going into my room and "movin my stuff around" . I currently have most of my stuff organized into catagories. A drawer for "baby" "metal" "epoxy" 7 drawers for "chipboard" 5 drawers for "ribbon" then another 4 ribbon boxes and multiple mini rolls in a wooden case. Maybe I just have tooo much ribbon? I could probably organize the ribbon by color, that wouldn't be hard but I am just afraid to jump in with both feet and commit to this way for fear of........what? Not really sure to tell you the truth.
    Thanks for listening to my novel and I will appreciate any insights you may have for me.