Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look what one paper pack will make

Have you ever wondered how many things you can make with one paper packet?  I did.  I was going through some of my paper packets that I have bought a few years ago and thought...I still have some of this?  I know I used it on this layout and on that one too, oh and I made a few cards with it, when I got the new Olivia paper packet I wanted to work with it until it was all gone to see what I can get with it.  I did add some extra cardstock for base pages for the layouts but that was it. 

So I started with the layout above...the Workshop On The Go Kit.  I always do these first they are the most fun, and you have the full directions in front of you. 

Then I did the Card part of the Workshop on The Go.  Did you know that the Workshop On The Go Kits come with directions for both the 2 page layout AND 6 cards.  You can do either workshop or BOTH and you have lots of paper for that. 
So I did both the Workshops then I made this layout of my and my hubby on out trip last year.  I still had paper left over though.  So...
I made another layout of my beloved puppy Shane, that is no longer with us. 
:(   I also covered the composition book, and made 2 more cards.  But I still had paper left...So
I made another 2 page layout.  And guess what?  I still had paper left.  So...
I covered one of our recipe boxes...You can use them for other things other than recipes so I am putting some of my favorite photos in this one.  But, I still had paper left.  So...
I made another layout with it.  And believe it or not I still have paper left, but I really go tired of the same colors so I have put it away for another day. But I did accomplish what I had set out to do...see all I can make from one paper packet.  So for $15.50 you get a ton of projects made.  The paper packets come with 12 12x12 patterned papers and 10 coordinating cardstock. 
So, maybe you can try it sometime.  I would like to see what you can make with one paper packet.  Oh, and you will be using some of that paper when you do that and not just stash it away for another time.  try it...I dare you...LOL
I will re post some of these pictures later on and give you the full list of things I used.  Stay tuned...

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