Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

My Granddaughter, Novalee's Baby Shower is on Sunday. I made this Diaper Cake for part of the decorations. It is made out of the Key to My Heart Paper Packet. I had also made my daughter a Baby Book made out of the same paper that I gave to her back in February to track all the progress of pregnancy and birth. I also made the guest book for the Baby shower out of the same paper that I will post in another post later this afternoon.
I did not have any instructions to make this, but i did remember seeing one somewhere in my blogging travels so I had an idea of what one should look like. I did use two different sizes of diapers that I individually rolled up and tied. Then i made a paper chain for the band around the diapers and added lace, flowers and some string pearls. I hope you like it.