Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween and the Time Change

Happy Halloween everyone!

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. Please remember to watch out for the little ones darting across the street on your travels tomorrow. I made a cute little treat box to add to my Halloween decorations this year.
With Halloween this year, also brings the time change. So remember to set you clocks back one hour Saturday night. And with the time change you should also get in the habit of changing your batteries in your smoke detectors. It is so important for these to be working properly. There seems to be so many house fires just before Christmas. It is so sad. So PLEASE make this a priority every time you change your clocks.
One more thing...With the bi-annual time change you should also get in the habit of backing up your computer...or more importantly your photos. With the digital age I hear so many customers and family say that they have pictures on their computer from last Christmas that they have not developed yet....or a friend just said to me not long ago that her holiday photos were still on her camera from last year! I have also heard horror stories of computers crashing and losing all their photos.
I do spend a lot of time with my photos as I find they are so important. A few years ago I spent the whole winter scanning in all the photos I had (before my first digital camera) so I could have copies. I also am in the habit of backing up my photos onto an external hard drive, plus I copy them all to CD's and have them stored outside my home in case of fire. I do know this takes a lot of time, but to start just back your photo files up on a CD and put them in another location. Once you get in the habit it will only take a few minutes to do. I know you won't be sorry.
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  1. Super cute treat box, and some great advice. Thanks!